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Game productions

Englen (Deadline Games 1999)
Role: test

Globetrotter (Deadline Games 2000).
Role: AD assistant

Mistænkt: Nogen lyver (Vision Park/Deadline Games 2000).
Role: scripter

Globetrotter 2 (Deadline Games 2001)
Role: editorial assistant.

Jens Marius (Deadline Games 2001)
Role: project manager and editor

Storvask (Det Danske Filminstitut 2002)
Role: project manager.

Stjerneråd (Zentropa Interaction)
Role: game design

Operation Nibelungen (Zentropa Interaction)
Live roleplaying event for HK Handel
Role: coordinator

Den indre fjende  (Zentropa Interaction)
Role: concept development and game design for Kræftens Bekæmpelse

Pacman Escapes (IT-University of Copenhagen)
My role: concept development and game design

Battle Ball (IT-University of Copenhagen)
My role: concept development and game design

DeMeneze International (IT-University of Copenhagen 2008)
My role: concept development, design and game writing

Playing History: The Plague (Serious Games 2010)
My role:  QA and test

Playing History: Slave Trade (Serious Games 2010)
My role: QA and test

Wawis Verden (Serious Games 2010)
Web-based video game for kids, launched by Danida in connection with Børnenes Ulandskalender 2010.
My role: QA and coordinator of focus group testing

Ruminations from a traveller of fictional worlds